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Nilotinib (formerly AMN107), a highly selective BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is active in patients with imatinib-resistant or -intolerant accelerated-phase chronic myelogenous leukemiaLe Coutre, P; Ottmann, OG; Giles, F; Kim, DW; Cortes, J; Gattermann, N; Apperley, JF; Larson, RA; Abruzzese, E; O'Brien, SG; Kuliczkowski, K; Hochhaus, A; Mahon, FX; Saglio, G; Gobbi, M; Kwong, YL; Baccarani, M; Hughes, T; Martinelli, G; Radich, JP; Zheng, M; Shou, Y; Kantarjian, H2008139
Fast and exact warping of time series using adaptive segmental approximationsShou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, D2005135
Fast mining of spatial collocationsZhang, X; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, DW; Shou, Y2004107
Evaluation of iceberg distance joinsShou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cao, H; Papadias, D; Cheung, DW2003126
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