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Nilotinib (formerly AMN107), a highly selective BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase inhibitor, is active in patients with imatinib-resistant or -intolerant accelerated-phase chronic myelogenous leukemia
American Society of Hematology. The Journal's web site is located at
Le Coutre, P; Ottmann, OG; Giles, F; Kim, DW; Cortes, J; Gattermann, N; Apperley, JF; Larson, RA; Abruzzese, E; O'Brien, SG; Kuliczkowski, K; Hochhaus, A; Mahon, FX; Saglio, G; Gobbi, M; Kwong, YL; Baccarani, M; Hughes, T; Martinelli, G; Radich, JP; Zheng, M; Shou, Y; Kantarjian, H2008250
Fast and exact warping of time series using adaptive segmental approximations
Machine Learning
Springer New York LLC. The Journal's web site is located at
Shou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, D2005183
Fast mining of spatial collocations
KDD-2004 - Proceedings of the Tenth ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining
Zhang, X; Mamoulis, N; Cheung, DW; Shou, Y2004156
Evaluation of iceberg distance joins
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics)
Springer Verlag. The Journal's web site is located at
Shou, Y; Mamoulis, N; Cao, H; Papadias, D; Cheung, DW2003197
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