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An integrated approach to supporting land-use decisions in site redevelopment for urban renewal in Hong KongWang, H; Shen, QP; Tang, BS; Skitmore, M201375
BIMatizing prefabrication housing construction in Hong Kong: Contexts, frameworks, and challenges aheadLu, W; Huang, GQ; Ng, TST; Shen, QP; Gao, Y201310
Generic model for measuring benefits of BIM as a learning tool in construction tasksLu, W; Peng, Y; Shen, QP; Li, H2013176
A review of planning systems for urban land use planningWang, H; Shen, QP; Tang, BS201229
Discussion of 'employing the net present value-consistent IRR methods for PFI contracts' by Y. H. Chiang, Eddie W. L. Cheng, and Patrick T. I. LamWu, M; Chau, KW; Shen, QP201171
Discussion of Win-Win concession period determination methodology by Xueqing ZhangWu, M; Chau, KW; Shen, QP2011197
Measuring BIM's learning effect for construction works: a conceptual modelLu, WS; Peng, Y; Li, H; Shen, QP2010200
A Value Management based Methodology for Selecting ContractorsChung, KHJ; Shen, QP; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ekambaram, P; Chen, Z.2007130
A Value Framework for Contractor SelectionChung, KHJ; Shen, QP; Kumaraswamy, MM; Ekambaram, P; Chen, Z2006138
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