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Episodic-like memory deficits in the APPswe/PS1dE9 mouse model of Alzheimer's disease: Relationships to β-amyloid deposition and neurotransmitter abnormalitiesSavonenko, A; Xu, GM; Melnikova, T; Morton, JL; Gonzales, V; Wong, MPF; Price, DL; Tang, F; Markowska, AL; Borchelt, DR2005123
Hyper-expression of human apolipoprotein E4 in astroglia and neurons does not enhance amyloid deposition in transgenic miceLesuisse, C; Xu, G; Anderson, J; Wong, M; Jankowsky, J; Holtz, G; Gonzalez, V; Wong, PCY; Price, DL; Tang, F; Wagner, S; Borchelt, DR200159
In vivo biology of amyloid precursor protein/amyloid precursor-like proteins and transgenic animal models of Alzheimer's diseaseSisodia, SS; Thinakaran, G; Lamb, BT; Slunt, HH; Von Koch, CS; Ginsberg, SD; Lo, ACY; Lee, MK; Roskams, AJI; Masliah, E; Zheng, H; Van Der Ploeg, LHT; Gearhart, JD; Price, DL199590
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