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Germline-like predecessors of broadly neutralizing antibodies lack measurable binding to HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins: Implications for evasion of immune responses and design of vaccine immunogensXiao, X; Chen, W; Feng, Y; Zhu, Z; Prabakaran, P; Wang, Y; Zhang, MY; Longo, NS; Dimitrov, DS2009307
Antibody-based inhibitors of HIV infectionChoudhry, V; Zhang, MY; Dimitrova, D; Prabakaran, P; Dimitrov, AS; Fouts, TR; Dimitrov, DS200672
Structural mimicry of CD4 by a cross-reactive HIV-1 neutralizing antibody with CDR-H2 and H3 containing unique motifsPrabakaran, P; Gan, J; Wu, YQ; Zhang, MY; Dimitrov, DS; Ji, X200661
Improved breadth and potency of an HIV-1-neutralizing human single-chain antibody by random mutagenesis and sequential antigen panningZhang, MY; Shu, Y; Rudolph, D; Prabakaran, P; Labrijn, AF; Zwick, MB; Lal, RB; Dimitrov, DS200479
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