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Hand hygiene promotion and the participation of infection control link nurses: an effective innovation to overcome campaign fatigueSeto, WH; Yuen, SWS; Cheung, CWY; Ching, PTY; Cowling, BJ; Pittet, D201319
Clinical and nonclinical health care workers faced a similar risk of acquiring 2009 pandemic H1N1 infectionSeto, WH; Cowling, BJ; Lam, HS; Ching, PTY; To, ML; Pittet, D2011104
Are there regional variations in the diagnosis surveillance, and control of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus?Richet, HM; Benbachir, M; Brown, DFJ; Giamarellou, H; Gould, I; Gubina, M; Heczko, P; Kalenic, S; Pana, M; Pittet, D; Redjeb, SB; Schindler, J; Starling, C; Struelens, MJ; Witte, W; Jarvis, WR; Lopardo, H; Rotter, M; Struelens, M; Ostjic, M; Saliba, J; Markova, B; Yuen, KY; Dosso, M; Bencic, I; KucisecTepes, N; Skrlin, J; Susic, E; Tomic, M; Burgetova, D; AndreRichet; Barraud, D; Besnard; Bichier, E; Bingen, M; Branger, C; Cirioni, A; Clavel, S; Clévenot, S; Collet, A; Coulomb, F; Courvalin, P; David, A; Denis, F; Ploy, MC; Esvant, JY; Ferrant; Genuis, A; Guir; Jan, D; Jezequel, F; Laborie, JL; Le Gallou, F; Lemoign; Rennes, C; Richard, P; Ruellan, Y; Vaucel, J; Zbierski, L; Christiansen, B; Fitzner, J; Hermann, M; Kramer, M; Mathys, W; Schubert, S; Weber, S; Katrachoura, A; Papafrangas, EA; Sofianou, D; Marton, A; Keller, N; Rubinstein, E; Cornaglia, G; Perevostikos, J; Selga, I; Hemmer, R; Alaoui, MA; BenoudaBenjilaji, A; Wagenvoort, JHT; Pytlos, M; Hryniewicz, W; Andrei, MA; Andries, D; Blana, D; Debeleac, L; Dorobat, O; MedvetchiPanatescu, A; Nistor, I; Papagheorge, R; Silaghi, E; Tudorache, D; Dekhitch, A; Stratchounski, L; Boye, SBC; Seme, K; Garau, J; Navarro, F; Prats, G; Trilla, A2003100
Nonselective inhibition of neutrophil functions by sphinganinePittet, D; Krause, KH; Wollheim, CB; Bruzzone, R; Lew, DP198712
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