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Preliminary result on the prospective serum prostate specific anatigen (PSA) and testosterone monitoring in patients requiring hormonal treatment by Degarelix (Firmagon®) injection or surgical castration for prostate cancerChan, CK; Chan, MTY; Ma, WK; Chu, PSK; Cheung, FK; Man, CW20144
Hoarseness during treatment with bevacizumab and other vascular endothelial growth factor signalling inhibitorsWong, H; Yau, T; Man, CW; Epstein, RJ200985
A two-photon europium complex as specific endoplasmic reticulum probeLaw, GL; Wong, KL; Man, CW; Tsao, SW; Wong, WT2009420
A report on a randomly sampled questionnaire survey about renal stone disease in Hong KongChan, SWH; Ng, CF; Man, CW; Chung, R; Li, SK2008195
Dual use of LED traffic signal systemTam, YY; Man, CW; Yang, D; Cheung, SW; Yang, ES19991,149
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