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Association between the 2-bp deletion polymorphism in the duplicated version of the alpha7 nicotinic receptor gene and P50 sensory gatingFlomen, RH; Shaikh, M; Walshe, M; Schulze, K; Hall, MH; Picchioni, M; Rijsdijk, F; Toulopoulou, T; Kravariti, E; Murray, RM; Asherson, P; Makoff, AJ; Bramon, E2013109
Is haplotype tagging the panacea to association mapping studies?Jawaid, A; Sham, PC; Makoff, AJ; Asherson, PJ200442
Haplotype and linkage disequilibrium analysis to characterise a region in the calcium channel gene CACNA1A associated with idiopathic generalised epilepsyChioza, B; OseiLah, A; Nashef, L; SuarezMerino, B; Wilkie, H; Sham, P; Knight, J; Asherson, P; Makoff, AJ200246
Association between the α 1a calcium channel gene CACNA1A and idiopathic generalized epilepsyChioza, B; Wilkie, H; Nashef, L; Blower, J; Mccormick, D; Sham, P; Asherson, P; Makoff, AJ200131
Failure to respond to treatment with typical antipsychotics is not associated with CYP2D6 ultrarapid hydroxylationAitchison, KJ; Munro, J; Wright, P; Smith, S; Makoff, AJ; Sachse, C; Sham, PC; Murray, RM; Collier, DA; Kerwin, RW199974
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