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Identification of linkage disequilibrium SNPs from a Kidney-yang deficiency syndrome pedigreeDing, WJ; Zeng, YZ; Li, WH; Zhang, TE; Liu, WW; Teng, XK; Ma, YX; Yan, SL; Wan, JMF; Wang, MQ200982
Provenance and tectonic setting of the Neoproterozoic Yanbian Group, western Yangtze Block (SW China)Sun, WH; Zhou, MF; Yan, DP; Li, JW; Ma, YX2008222
Origin of giant Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits in layered gabbroic intrusions, Pan-Xi district, Sichuan Province, SW ChinaZhou, MF; Wang, CY; Pang, KN; Shellnutt, JG; Ma, YX2005157
Mineral chemistry of Fe-Ti oxides in the Permian Panzhihua gabbroic intrusion, SW China: implications for the ore genesisPang, KN; Zhou, MF; Shellnutt, JG; Ma, YX2005160
Fe-Ti-V oxide mineralization in the Permian Panzhihua gabbro, Emeishan Large Igneous Province, SW ChinaPang, KN; Zhou, MF; Ma, YX200592
Geochemsitry of the Panzhihua layered intrusion in SW China: implications for the giant V-Ti magnetite depositsMa, YX; Zhou, MF; Zhang, CJ; Song, X200291
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