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Phytase activity in tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) root exudates is exhibited by a purple acid phosphataseLung, SC; Leung, A; Kuang, R; Wang, Y; Leung, P; Lim, BL200871
Properties of beta-propeller phytase expressed in transgenic tobaccoChan, WL; Lung, SC; Lim, BL2006293
Assimilation of phytate-phosphorus by the extracellular phytase activity of tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) is affected by the availability of soluble phytateLung, SC; Lim, BL2006269
Secretion of beta-propeller phytase from tobacco and Arabidopsis roots enhances phosphorus utilizationLung, SC; Chan, WL; Yip, W; Wang, L; Yeung, EC; Lim, BL2005158
Secretion of Bacillus phytase from tobacco roots enhances phosphorus utilizationLim, BL; Wang, L; Wu, WL; Lung, SC; Yip, WK2003124
The introduction of a phytase gene from Bacillus subtilis improved the growth performance of transgenic tobaccoLim, BL; Wang, L; Cheng, CW; Wu, WL; Lung, SC; Yip, WK2003129
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