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A long non-coding RNA signature in glioblastoma multiforme predicts survivalZhang, X; Sun, S; Lam, KF; Kiang, KMY; Pu, JKS; Ho, SWA; Lui, WM; Fung, CF; Wong, STS; Leung, GKK201356
Clinical and angiographic results of patients with cranial dural arteriovenous fistulae (dAVF) treated in a single centreChow, FCL; Tsang, CP; Lui, WM201314
Management of pseudoaneurysm of internal carotid artery in post-irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patientsTsang, RKY; Lam, WK; Leung, GKK; Lui, WM; Lee, R; Ho, WK201342
Flow diverter treatment of intracranial aneurysm: can post-treatment angiographic features predict outcome?Tsang, COA; Lui, WM; Lee, R201314
Review of surgical outcome of skull base meningioma in a single institute based on ABC surgical risk scaleLi, LF; Tse, YH; Pu, KSJ; Lui, WM201317
Predictive value of the HAS-BLED score for the risk of recurrent intracranial hemorrhage after first spontaneous intracranial hemorrhageChan, KH; Leung, GKK; Lau, GKK; Liu, S; Lui, WM; Lau, CP; Tse, HF; Pu, JKS; Siu, DCW201373
Inhibition of prolyl 4-hydroxylase, beta polypeptide (P4HB) attenuates temozolomide resistance in malignant glioma via the endoplasmic reticulum stress response (ERSR) pathwaysSun, S; Lee, D; Ho, SWA; Pu, JKS; Zhang, X; Lee, NPY; Day, PJR; Lui, WM; Fung, CF; Leung, GKK201361
Management of profuse epistaxis in post-irradiated nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients: 10-year experience in a tertiary centreHo, WK; Lam, WK; Tsang, RKY; Lui, WM; Lee, R; Ho, WK201342
Pipeline stenting in anterior circulation cerebral saccular aneurysms: a risk factor analysis for treatment successFung, AMY; Tsang, COA; Leung, GKK; Lui, WM201253
Pipeline embolization device for intracranial aneurysm: a systematic reviewLeung, GKK; Tsang, COA; Lui, WM201292
Long non-coding RNA expression profiles predict clinical phenotypes in gliomaZhang, X; Sun, S; Pu, JKS; Tsang, ACO; Lee, D; Man, VOY; Lui, WM; Wong, STS; Leung, GKK2012161
The efficacy and safety of LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery booster after whole brain radiotherapy for cerebral metastasesTaw, BT; Lee, VHF; Hung, KN; Ng, CY; Lui, WM201254
Long-Term Outcome and Prognostic Factors After Spontaneous Cerebellar HemorrhagePong, V; Chan, KH; Chong, BH; Lui, WM; Leung, GKK; Tse, HF; Pu, JKS; Siu, CW2012162
Cranionasal resection for esthesioblastoma – a single centre experienceLeung, GKK; Tsang, COA; Ho, WK; Lui, WM201288
Long non-coding RNAs expression profiles differentiate between subtypes of human gliomaLeung, GKK; Zhang, X; Wong, STS; Sun, S; Lui, WM201252
An endoscopic modification of the simultaneous 'above and below' approach to large pituitary adenomasLeung, GKK; Yuen, MMA; Chow, WS; Tse, PYH; Lui, WM2012279
Endoscopic-assisted neurosurgery: single-hospital initial experienceKwok, WM; Tse, YH; Lui, WM201258
Protein alterations associated with temozolomide resistance in subclones of human glioblastoma cell lines.Sun, S; Wong, TS; Zhang, XQ; Pu, JK; Lee, NP; Day, PJ; Ng, GK; Lui, WM; Leung, GK2012474
The use of tube retractor system in patients with spinal intradural pathologiesNg, HTG; Ho, W; Tse, YH; Lui, WM201255
Anterior clinoidectomy for proximal vascular controlWong, PH; Lui, WM201270
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