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Grandparent–Grandchild Family Capital and Self-Rated Health of Older Rural Chinese Adults: The Role of the Grandparent–Parent RelationshipLou, VW; Lu, N; Xu, L; Chi, I201341
Social support and well-being of older adults in Eastern Asia: a systematic reviewLou, VWQ; Lu, N201326
Genomic sequence based scanning for drug resistance-associated mutations and evolutionary analysis of multidrug-resistant and extensively drug-resistance Mycobacterium tuberculosis.Liu, CH; Li, HM; Lu, N; Wang, Q; Hu, YL; Yang, X; Hu, YF; Woo, PCY; Gao, GF; Zhu, B201227
Community capital and well-being of older people in Hong KongLou, VWQ; Lum, T; Lu, N; Tong, TLW201234
The impacts of support source structure on life satisfaction of older adults in Hong KongLu, N; Lou, VWQ; Lum, TYS201227
Being Left Behind in Rural Villages during Childhood: Experiences of Early Parent-child Separation and the Potential Impacts in the Context of Rural-urban Migration in ChinaLu, N; Waugh, F; Lynch, D; Lou, VW2010121
An efficient algorithm for optimizing whole genome alignment with noiseWong, PWH; Lam, TW; Lu, N; Ting, HF; Yiu, SM2004256
Efficient algorithms for optimizing whole genome alignment with noiseLam, TW; Lu, N; Ting, HF; Wong, PWH; Yiu, SM2003101
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