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Impact of salinity on cathode catalyst performance in microbial fuel cells (MFCs)Wang, X; Cheng, S; Zhang, X; Li, XY; Logan, BE2011171
Physical and hydrodynamic properties of flocs produced during biological hydrogen productionZhang, JJ; Li, XY; Oh, SE; Logan, BE2004234
Author's reply: Permeability of fractal aggregatesLi, XY; Logan, BE200295
Permeability of fractal aggregatesLi, XY; Logan, BE2001121
Settling and coagulating behaviour of fractal aggregatesLi, XY; Logan, BE2000107
Settling and Coagulating Behavior of Fractal AggregatesLi, XY; Logan, BE199980
Fractal dimensions of small (15-200 μm) particles in Eastern Pacific coastal watersLi, XY; Passow, U; Logan, BE1998121
Collision frequencies of fractal aggregates with small particles by differential sedimentationLi, X; Logan, BE1997197
Collision frequencies between fractal aggregates and small particles in a turbulently sheared fluidLi, X; Logan, BE1997149
Settling velocities of fractal aggregatesJohnson, CP; Li, X; Logan, BE1996117
Size distributions and fractal properties of particles during a simulated phytoplankton bloom in a mesocosmLi, X; Logan, BE199572
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