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The Performance and Locality Tradeoff in BitTorrent-like File Sharing SystemsHUANG, W; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201321
Move Big Data to the Cloud: an Online Cost-Minimizing ApproachZHANG, L; Wu, C; Li, Z; Guo, C; Chen, M; Lau, FCM201346
CloudMoV: Cloud-based Mobile Social TVWU, Y; ZHANG, Z; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201368
Signal Alignment: Enabling Physical Layer Network Coding for MIMO NetworkingZhou, R; Li, Z; Wu, C; Williamson, C201334
Immediate expression of Cdh2 is essential for efficient neural differentiation of mouse induced pluripotent stem cellsSu, H; Wang, L; Huang, W; Qin, D; Cai, J; Yao, X; Feng, C; Li, Z; Wang, Y; So, KF; Pan, G; Wu, W; Pei, D201350
On Uniform Matroidal NetworksHe, M; Li, Z; Wu, C201319
Syringe-pump-induced disturbance in a microfluidic system with low interfacial tensionShum, HC; Li, Z; Mak, SY201335
Socially-optimal Multi-hop Secondary Communication under Arbitrary Primary User MechanismsLI, H; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201321
Human infection with avian influenza A(H7N9) virus re-emerges in China in winter 2013Chen, E; Chen, Y; Fu, L; Chen, Z; Mao, H; Wang, D; Ni, MY; Wu, P; Yu, Z; He, T; Li, Z; Gao, J; Liu, S; Shu, Y; Cowling, BJ; Xia, S; Yu, H201325
Profit-Maximizing Virtual Machine Trading in a Federation of Selfish CloudsLI, H; Wu, C; Li, Z; Lau, FCM201322
Move My Data to the Cloud: an Online Cost-Minimizing ApproachZHANG, L; Wu, C; Li, Z; Guo, C; Chen, M; Lau, FCM201333
Molecular Characterization of an Atypical IncX3 Plasmid pKPC-NY79 Carrying bla KPC-2 in a Klebsiella pneumoniae.Ho, PL; Cheung, YY; Lo, WU; Li, Z; Chow, KH; Lin, C; Chan, JFW; Cheng, VCC201342
RFID-enabled Real-time Advanced Planning and Scheduling Shell for Production Decision-makingZhong, R; Li, Z; Pang, LY; Pan, Y; Qu, T; Huang, GQ201336
Magnetic, fluorescent, and thermo-responsive Fe3O4/rare earth incorporated poly (St-NIPAM) core-shell colloidal nanoparticles in multimodal optical/magnetic resonance imaging probesZhu, H; Tao, J; Wang, W; Zhou, Y; Li, P; Li, Z; Yan, K; Wu, S; Yeung, KWK; Xu, Z; Xu, H; Chu, PK2013102
Event-driven multi-agent ubiquitous manufacturing execution platform for shop floor work-in-progress managementFang, J; Huang, GQ; Li, Z201337
Transplanted motoneurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells form functional connections with target muscleSu, H; Wang, L; Cai, J; Yuan, Q; Yang, X; Yao, X; Wong, WM; Huang, W; Li, Z; Wan, JB; Wang, Y; Pei, D; So, KF; Qin, D; Wu, W201358
Information Multicast in (Pseudo-)Planar Networks: Efficient Network Coding over Small Finite FieldsXiahou, T; Li, Z; Wu, C201325
An elliptic phase-shifting algorithm for high speed three-dimensional profilometryDeng, F; Li, Z; Chen, J; Deng, J; Fung, KSM; Lam, EY201330
Enhanced gene delivery by chitosan-disulfide-conjugated LMW-PEI for facilitating osteogenic differentiationZhao, X; Li, Z; Pan, H; Liu, W; Lu, M; Leung, FKL; Lu, WW201347
Binding of HIV-1 gp120 to DC-SIGN promotes ASK-1-dependent activation-induced apoptosis of human dendritic cellsChen, Y; Hwang, SY; Chan, VSF; Chung, PY; Wang, SR; Li, Z; Ma, J; Lin, CW; Hsieh, YJ; Chang, KP; Kung, SS; Wu, YC; Chu, CW; Tai, HT; Gao, GF; Zheng, B; Yokoyama, KK; Austyn, JM; Lin, CL201338
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