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Supplier selection for outsourcing from the perspective of protecting crucial product knowledgeWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2013165
An approach to the valuation and decision of ERP investment projects based on real optionsWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D; Gao, K2009205
Supplier selection of outsourcing: A core manufactuing knowledge protection and acquisition perspectiveWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2007109
Histamine selectively excites projection neurons rather interneurons in the cerebellar nuclei. Neuroscience Bulletin 23: 64Zhang, J; Zhu, JN; Tang, B; Li, HZ; Han, XH; Yung, WH; Chan, YS; Wang, JJ200798
Supplier selection of outsourcing: a manufacturing knowledge protection perspectiveWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2006114
Improving the accuracy of execution data of ERP systems: A case study in the Zongxin Telecom CorporationWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D; Wu, Y2006153
An outsourcing decision model for sustaining long-term performanceWu, F; Li, HZ; Chu, LK; Sculli, D2005214
The virtual organizing process - a critical tool for enterprise competitveness in the information eraWu, F; Chu, LK; Li, HZ; Han, XM; Sculli, D2003149
Testing Bell’s inequality and measuring the entanglement using superconducting nanocircuitsHe, GP; Zhu, SL; Wang, ZD; Li, HZ2003329
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