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pH Differential Power Sources with Electrochemical Neutralisation
Electrochemically enabled sustainability: Devices, Materials, and Mechanisms for Energy Conversion
CRC Press
Li, H; Li, CYV; Weng, G; Chan, GKY201440
Electrochemically Enabled Sustainability: Devices, Materials and Mechanisms for Energy Conversion
CRC Press
Chan, GKY; Li, CYV201446
Mesoporous Lithium Titanate-Carbon Composite (Li4Ti5O12-Carbon) with Controlled Microstructure As Anode in Lithium Ion Batteries for Wide Temperature Range
International Meeting on Lithium Batteries (IMLB)
The Electrochemical Society (ECS).
Li, CYV; Ho, CK; Yung, H; Chan, GKY201441
Metal–Organic Framework Threaded with Aminated Polymer Formed in Situ for Fast and Reversible Ion Exchange
Journal of the American Chemical Society
GAO, L; Li, CYV; Chan, GKY; Chen, Z201441
Impedance Analysis of Ion Transportation in Hierarchical Porous Core-Shell Carbons with Transmission Line Model
ECS Transactions
Yang, C; Li, CYV; Li, F; Chan, GKY201396
A functionalized MIL-101(Cr) metal–organic framework for enhanced hydrogen release from ammonia borane at low temperature
Chemical Communications
GAO, L; Li, CYV; Yung, H; Chan, GKY201344
Nanostructured materials for electrochemical power sources
Nanotechnology & Advanced Materials Forum
Chan, GKY; Li, CYV; Li, H; Weng, G; Li, F2011125
High voltage acid-alkaline electrolyte electrochemical power sources: prospects of advanced ionic interfaces
10X Advanced Battery R&D Showcase
Chan, GKY; Li, CYV; Li, H; Weng, G2011227
A comparison of MCQ assessment delivery methods for student engagement and interaction used as an in-class formative assessment
International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education
Manchester University Press. The Journal's web site is located at
Chan, CKY; Tam, VWL; Li, CYV2011233
Three electrolyte high voltage acid-alkaline hybrid rechargeable battery
Electrochimica Acta
Pergamon. The Journal's web site is located at
Li, H; Weng, G; Li, CYV; Chan, KY2011433
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