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A dinuclear cyclometalated gold(iii)–phosphine complex targeting thioredoxin reductase inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma in vivoSun, RWY; Lok, CN; FONG, TH; Li, CKL; Yang, Z; ZOU, T; Siu, AFM; Che, CM201361
Stable anticancer gold(III)-porphyrin complexes: Effects of porphyrin structureSun, RWY; Li, CKL; Ma, DL; Yan, JJ; Lok, CN; Leung, CH; Zhu, N; Che, CM2010387
A gold(III) porphyrin complex with antitumor properties targets the Wnt/β-catenin pathwayChow, KHM; Sun, RWY; Lam, JBB; Li, CKL; Xu, A; Ma, DL; Abagyan, R; Wang, Y; Che, CM2010652
Anticancer cyclometalated [AuIIIm(C∧N∧C)mL]n+ compounds: Synthesis and cytotoxic propertiesLi, CKL; Sun, RWY; Kui, SCF; Zhu, N; Che, CM2006176
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