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Review of influenza a virus in Swine worldwide: a call for increased surveillance and research
Zoonoses and public health
Vincent, A; Awada, L; Brown, I; Chen, H; Chen, H; Claes, F; Dauphin, G; Donis, R; Culhane, M; Hamilton, K; Lewis, N; Lewis, N; Mumford, E; Nguyen, T; Parchariyanon, S; Pasick, J; Pavade, G; Pereda, A; Peiris, JSM; Saito, T; Swenson, S; Van Reeth, K; Webby, R; Wong, F; Ciacci-Zanella, J201377
Serological cross reactivity between H9N2 virus lineages to inform vaccine strain selection for pandemic preparedness
8th International Symposium on Avian Influenza 2012
Nash, B; Brookes, SM; Cordero, R; Coward, V; Garcon, F; Zhang, L; Lewis, N; Zhu, H; Peiris, M; Guan, Y; Brown, IH2012220
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