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Effect of electron beam welding on the microstructures and mechanical properties of thick TC4-DT alloyLu, W; Shi, Y; Lei, Y; Li, X201289
Limit load solution for electron beam welded joints with single edge weld center crack in tensionLu, W; Shi, Y; Li, X; Lei, Y201285
Study on the mechanical heterogeneity of electron beam welded thick TC4-DT jointsLu, W; Li, X; Lei, Y; Shi, Y201282
Biobased poly(propylene sebacate) as shape memory polymer with tunable switching temperature for potential biomedical applicationsGuo, B; Chen, Y; Lei, Y; Zhang, L; Zhou, WY; Rabie, ABM; Zhao, J2011120
Effect of loading rate on shear strength of SnAgCu solder jointLu, W; Zhang, N; Shi, Y; Lei, Y201062
Regeneration of functional sweat gland-like structures by transplanted differentiated bone marrow mesenchymal stem cellsSheng, Z; Fu, X; Cai, S; Lei, Y; Sun, T; Bai, X; Chen, M2009134
Distribution of nitric oxide synthase in the retina of the rat, hamster and rabbitLi, S; Yu, E; Lei, Y; Yang, B; Xu, L; So, KF199484
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