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Trigeminal Neurosensory Deficit and Patient Reported Outcome Measures: The Effect on Life Satisfaction and Depression SymptomsLeung, MYY; Lee, CP; Ho, MY; Cheung, LK201336
Randomized non-invasive sham-controlled pilot trial of electroacupuncture for postpartum depressionChung, KF; Yeung, WF; Zhang, ZJ; Yung, KP; Man, SC; Lee, CP; Lam, SK; Leung, TW; Leung, KY; Ziea, ETC; Taam Wong, V2012112
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factors and adverse impact on infant attachmentTing, YY; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Lee, CP; Koh, YW; Chan, CY; Chung, KF201268
A study of paternal mental health problems during pregnancy: an examination of risk factors for perceived stress, anxiety and depression and their impact on paternal-fetal attachmentKoh, YW; Lee, AM; Keung, KY; Chung, KF; Lee, CP; Chan, CY; Tang, CSK201167
Paternal depression and anxiety: risk factors and adverse impact on infant attachmentTing, YY; Lee, AM; Leung, SSK; Chung, KF; Lee, CP201168
Prevalence, course, and risk factors for antenatal anxietyChan, CY; Lee, AM; Chung, KF; Lee, CP; Leung, KY; Lam, SK; Tang, CSK201170
Prenatal genetic screening in Hong Kong as a site for activity analysis: re-establishing the importance of participant structure in intercultural encountersZayts, O; Lee, CP; Schnurr, S2010122
A prospective study on the effect of rapid aneuploidy testing (amnio-PCR) on anxiety levels and quality of life measures in women and their partners with positive down screening resultLeung, WC; Lau, ET; Ngai, C; Lam, H; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Lao, TT; Tang, MHY200888
Comparison of nuchal and detailed morphology ultrasound examinations in early pregnancy for fetal structural abnormality screening: A randomized controlled trialChen, M; Lee, CP; Lam, YH; Tang, RYK; Chan, BCP; Wong, SF; Tse, LHY; Tang, MHY200873
Full karyotyping, rapid aneuploidy diagnosis or both when invasive prenatal testing is performed for diagnosis of thalassaemia?Tse, KY; Leung, WC; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Ng, LKL; Lau, ET; Chan, V; Tang, MHY2006104
Nuchal translucency in pregnancies conceived after assisted reproduction technologyHui, PW; Lee, CP; Tang, MHY; Ho, PC2006109
A non-invasive approach to prenatal diagnosis of homozygous ao thalassemiaLeung, KY; Liao, C; Li, QM; Tang, MHY; Lee, CP; Lam, YH; Chan, VNY2006116
Thanatophoric dysplasia variant, San Diego type in a Chinese fetus, caused by C746G missense mutation in FGFR3 geneLam, ACF; Tong, TMF; Tang, MHY; Lo, S; Lee, CP; Lau, E; Lam, STS200666
A new strategy for prenatal diagnosis of homozygous a0-thalassemiaLeung, KY; Liao, C; Li, QM; Ma, SY; Tang, MHY; Lee, CP; Chan, VNY; Lam, YH200690
Simple non-invasive prenatal detection of Hb Bart's disease by analysis of fetal erythrocytes in maternal bloodLau, ET; Kwok, YK; Luo, HY; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Lam, YH; Chui, DHK; Tang, MHY200571
Endoscopic laser therapy for twin transfusion syndromeLeung, KY; Chan, KKL; Ngai, CSW; Leung, WC; Lee, CP; Wong, KY; Tang, MHY200583
Absence of microdeletion and common mutation in 13q32 in a balanced translocation with holoprosencephalyWong, KM; Tang, LYF; Kwok, KY; Yu, DL; Ng, LKL; Lee, CP; Lo, S; Tang, MHY; Lau, ET200569
Is there an optimal gestation for ultrasound examination of fetal nasal bone in the first trimester?Hui, PW; Lee, CP; Leung, WC; Tang, MHY200445
Risk of fetal aneuploidy and feasibility of rapid aneuploidy screening in thalassaemia couplesTse, KY; Leung, WC; Leung, KY; Lee, CP; Ng, LKL; Lau, ET; Chan, VNY; Tang, MHY200467
Use of three-dimensional ultrasound in the prenatal prediction of homozygous alpha thalassaemiaLeung, KY; Chan, M; Lee, CP; Tang, MHY; Ho, PC200465
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