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Bronchogenic cyst in an infantNg, DKK; Law, AKW; Lau, WF; Tam, PKH200268
Antibiotic prophylaxis with sulbactam/ampicillin in head and neck cancer surgeryLam, KH; Ho, CM; Lau, WF; Lau, SK; Lam, LK; Wei, WI199343
Treatment of neck nodes in oral cancerHo, CM; Lam, KH; Wei, WI; Lau, WF199234
Tracheostomal stenosis after immediate tracheoesophageal punctureHo, CM; Wei, WI; Lau, WF; Lam, KH199137
Maxillary swing approach to the orbitLam, KH; Lau, WF; Yue, CP; Wei, WI199173
Modified jet ventilation during total laryngectomy: A prospective study using pulse oximetry and a pressure regulatorChan, ASH; Wei, WI; Lau, WF; Lam, KH199053
Fate of skin element of pectoralis major flap in intraoral reconstructionWei, WI; Lam, KH; Lau, WF198942
Immediate reconstruction of pharyngoesophageal defects. Preference or referenceLam, KH; Ho, CM; Lau, WF; Wei, WI; Wong, J198950
Emergency endotracheal intubation under fiberoptic endoscopic guidance for malignant laryngeal obstructionWei, WI; Siu, KF; Lau, WF; Lam, KH198847
Tumor clearance at resection margins in total laryngectomy. A clinicopathologic studyLam, KH; Lau, WF; Wei, WI198873
Immediate tracheoesophageal puncture for voice restoration in laryngopharyngeal resectionLau, WF; Wei, WI; Ho, CM; Lam, KH198883
Reconstruction of hypopharyngeal defects in cancer surgery: Do we have a choice?Lau, WF; Lam, KH; Wei, WI198739
Regional chemotherapy through a saphenous vein graft for the treatment of head and neck cancersChoi, TK; Wei, W; Lau, WF; Lam, KH198777
Entering the pharynx in total laryngectomyWei, WI; Lau, WF; Lam, KH198740
Avoiding stenosis in the tubed greater pectoral flap in pharyngeal repairLam, KH; Wei, WI; Lau, WF198747
Healing between cartilage and bone ends. An experimental studyLam, KH; Lau, WF; Wei, WI198737
Emergency endotracheal intubation under fiberoptic endoscopic guidance for stenosis of the tracheaWei, WI; Siu, KF; Lau, WF; Lam, KH198764
The role of the fibreoptic bronchoscope in otorhinolaryngological practiceWei, WI; Lau, WF; Lam, KH; Hui, Y1987203
Parapharyngeal space tumoursLau, WF; Lam, KH; Wei, W198632
Tumours of the parotid - the value of clinical assessmentLam, KH; Wei, WI; Lau, WF198622
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