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Decreased pH does not alter metamorphosis but compromises juvenile calcification of the tube worm Hydroides elegansLane, AC; Mukherjee, J; Chan, VBS; Thiyagarajan, V2013193
CO 2-driven ocean acidification alters and weakens integrity of the calcareous tubes produced by the serpulid Tubeworm, Hydroides elegansChan, VBS; Li, C; Lane, AC; Wang, Y; Lu, X; Shih, K; Zhang, T; Thiyagarajan, V2012159
Response of larval barnacle proteome to CO 2-driven seawater acidificationWong, KKW; Lane, AC; Leung, PTY; Thiyagarajan, V201156
Effect of ocean acidification on larvae of the intertidal barnacle Balanus amphitriteLane, AC; Wong, KWK; Kurihara, H; Vengatesen, T2010209
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