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High Porosity of Strotium-containing Hydroxyapatiteu Cement Might Explain the Early Migration of Cemented Femoral Components in Total Hip Arthroplasty (ID 3613)
23rd European Conference on Biomaterial, ESB2010
Lu, WW; Wang, T; Wen, C; Ng, FY; Lam, WMR; Chiu, PKY2010127
Optimized strontium-containing hydroxyapatite bioactive bone cement (Sr-HA Joint) for arthroplasty.Wong, CT; Lam, WMR; Liu, WC; Fong, MK; Wong, KL; Wang, T; Li, Z; Lu, WW; Chiu, PKY; Luk, KDK2009170
Borosilicate for tissue engineering
World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers (WACBE)
Pan, H; Lam, WMR; Zhao, X; Li, Z; Lu, WW; Wang, D; Huang, W; Lin, K; Chang, J2009160
The Stability of Biological Apatite in the Presence of Strontium
Orthopaedic Research Society. Transactions of the Annual Meeting
Orthopaedic Research Society.
Pan, H; Li, Z; Wang, T; Lam, WMR; Wong, JC; Luk, KDK; Lu, WW2009281
Strontium combined with calcium increases vertebral bone mineral density and stiffness in goats
25th Annual Congress of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association, Nov 19-20 2005, Hong Kong
Li, Z; Lu, WW; Ni, G; Lam, WMR; Chan, D; Abbah, SA; Yang, F; Cheung, KMC; Luk, KDK2005143
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