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A randomized controlled trial on smoking cessation and adherence intervention on patients with erectile dysfunction: preliminary results
10th Research Postgraduate Symposium, Faculty of Medicine, The University of Hong Kong
Lam, DWC; Chan, SSC; Abdullah, ASM; Lo, ST; Kok, WM; Yip, WC; Leung, LS; De Castro, S; Sabate, E; Leung, GM; Ho, DSY; Ho, LM; Lam, TH2005153
Towards building an educational and assessment accommodation home-school support model for children with dyslexia and their families: Interim report
The Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology and Developmental Paediatrics. The Journal's website is located at
Tsang, SKM; Lam, DWC; Leung, CM; Lam, CCC; Chan, ESM2004113
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