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Maintaining hard disk integrity with digital legal professional privilege (LPP) data
IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security
Jiang, ZL; Fang, JB; Law, YW; Lai, PKY; Ieong, RSC; Kwan, YK; Chow, KP; Hui, CK; Yiu, SM201377
A Digital Forensic View of the Yahoo! CaseKwan, YK; Chow, KP; Lai, KY; Law, YW; Tse, WHK2009175
A Cost-Effective Digital Forensic Investigation ModelOverill, RE; Kwan, YK; Chow, KP; Lai, KY; Law, YW2009210
A Heuristic Approach for Investigating the P2P Foxy NetworkIeong, SCR; Lai, KY; Chow, KP; Law, YW; Kwan, YK; Tse, WHK2009163
Forensic investigation of peer-to-peer networks
Handbook of research on computational forensics, digital crime, and investigation: methods and solutions
Information Science Reference
Ieong, SCR; Lai, KY; Chow, KP; Kwan, YK; Law, YW; Tse, KSH; Tse, WHK2009153
Reasoning About Evidence using Bayesian Networks
Fourth Annual IFIP WG 11.9 International Conference on Digital Forensics
Kwan, YK; Chow, KP; Law, YW; Lai, KY2008143
Consistency Issue on Live Systems Forensics
The 2007 International Workshop on Forensics for Future Generation Communication Environments
IEEE Computer Society.
Law, YW; Chow, KP; Kwan, YK; Lai, KY2007121
Exchange Rate Regimes and Macroeconomic Stability
Ho, LS; Yuen, CW; Woo, WT; Stiglitz, J; Adams, C; Mundell, R; Kawai, M; Yoshino, N; Kaji, S; Suzuki, A; Ho, C; Lui, FT; Cheng, LK; Kwan, YK; Chan, AWH2003205
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