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Optimal design of Functionally Graded Materials using a procedural model and Particle Swarm OptimizationKou, XY; Parks, GT; Tan, ST2012271
Microstructural modelling of functionally graded materials using stochastic Voronoi diagram and B-Spline representationsKou, XY; Tan, ST2012107
A data-driven process for estimating nonlinear material modelsKou, XY; Tan, ST; Lipson, H201171
Adaptive meshing of 2D heterogeneous objects using material quadtreeChiu, WK; Kou, XY; Tan, ST2011124
Command search for CAD systemXue, S; Kou, XY; Tan, ST201071
Knowledge-guided inference for voice-enabled CADKou, XY; Xue, SK; Tan, ST201070
Modeling Functionally Graded porous structures with stochastic voronoi diagram and B-spline representationsKou, XY; Tan, ST201067
A simple and effective geometric representation for irregular porous structure modelingKou, XY; Tan, ST2010222
Natural voice-enabled CAD: Modeling via natural discourseXue, S; Kou, XY; Tan, ST2009205
Robust and efficient algorithms for rapid prototyping of heterogeneous objectsKou, XY; Tan, ST2009153
Quadtree based mouse trajectory analysis for efficacy evaluation of voice-enabled CADKou, XY; Liu, XC; Tan, ST2009209
Design by talking with computersKou, XY; Tan, ST2008113
Heterogeneous object design: An integrated CAX perspectiveKou, XY; Tan, ST200876
A systematic approach for integrated computer-aided design and finite element analysis of functionally-graded-material objectsKou, XY; Tan, ST200783
Heterogeneous object modeling: A reviewKou, XY; Tan, ST2007168
Modeling complex heterogeneous objects with non-manifold heterogeneous cellsKou, XY; Tan, ST; Sze, WS2006170
Data structure and algorithms for virtual prototyping of heterogeneous objectsKou, XY; Tan, ST200659
Relation oriented modeling for heterogeneous object designKou, XY; Tan, ST; Sze, WS2005124
A hierarchical representation for heterogeneous object modelingKou, XY; Tan, ST2005119
An interactive cad environment for heterogeneous object designKou, XY; Tan, ST2004110
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