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The politics of intimacy: Chinese women's marriage migration to South KoreaJin, Hong; 金红2012220
Cultural politics in transnationalism: migrant Korean Chinese in South KoreaJin, Hong; 金紅2006259
Nonlinear observer design for systems with unknown nonlinearity via B-spline neural network approachZhang, Hongyue; Jin, Hong; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC200075
Fault detection of redundant systems based on B-spline neural networkJin, Hong; Chan, CW; Zhang, HY; Yeung, WK2000566
Sensor fault diagnosis for systems with unknown nonlinearity using neural network based nonlinear observersZhang, HY; Chan, CW; Cheung, KC; Jin, Hong1998146
Adaptive learning rate for the training of B-spline networksChan, CW; Jin, Hong; Cheung, KC; Zhang, HY199880
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