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Immunoassays based on Penicillium marneffei Mp1p derived from Pichia pastoris expression system for diagnosis of penicilliosisWang, YF; Cai, JP; Wang, YD; Dong, H; Hao, W; Jiang, LX; Long, J; Chan, C; Woo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Che, XY2011108
Rationale, design and organization of the Second Chinese Cardiac Study (CCS-2): A randomized trial of clopidogrel plus aspirin, and of metoprolol, among patients with suspected acute myocardial infarctionLiu, LS; Collins, R; Chen, ZM; Xie, JX; Jiang, LX; Wang, W; Pan, HC; Peto, R; Tao, SQ; Gong, LS; Hui, RT; Huang, TG; Zeng, DY; Chen, YZ; Liu, YH; Qian, TJ; Xu, CB; Dai, GZ; Feng, JZ; Cai, NS; Hu, DY; Huang, J; Li, TD; Li, YQ; Wang, LH; Yang, DC; Zhu, J; Zhu, DQ; Zhou, JC; Yang, XF; Cui, JJ; Jiang, BQ; Yin, JQ; San, J; Huang, DJ; Xi, WH; Fu, SY; Chen, YP; Gent, M; Sleight, P; Macmahon, S; Sandercock, P; Lam, TH; Kong, XL; Nie, QH; Schoepff, H; Boreham, J; Lin, YY; Chen, XQ; Xiao, GX; Xu, SY; Wang, JQ; Guo, XZ2000123
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