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An effective strategy for the synthesis of biocompatible gold nanoparticles using danshensu antioxidant: prevention of cytotoxicity via attenuation of free radical formationDu, L; Miao, X; Jiang, Y; Jia, H; Tian, Q; Shen, J; Liu, Y2013154
A crucial role for bone morphogenetic protein-Smad1 signalling in the DNA damage responseChau, JFL; Jia, D; Wang, Z; Liu, Z; Hu, Y; Zhang, X; Jia, H; Lai, KP; Leong, WF; Au, BJ; Mishina, Y; Chen, YG; Biondi, C; Robertson, E; Xie, D; Liu, H; He, L; Wang, X; Yu, Q; Li, B201277
A web-based learning system for software test professionalsWang, M; Jia, H; Sugumaran, V; Ran, W; Liao, J2011209
Design of a performance-oriented workplace e-learning system using ontologyJia, H; Wang, M; Ran, W; Yang, SJH; Liao, J; Chiu, DKW2011210
Stator-flux-oriented fault-tolerant control of flux-switching permanent-magnet motorsZhao, W; Cheng, M; Chau, KT; Hua, W; Jia, H; Ji, J; Li, W2011162
Ontology and key performance indicator based workplace E-learning environmentJia, H; Wang, M; Ran, W; Liao, J2009146
Structural and magnetic properties of Co-N thin films synthesized by direct current magnetron sputteringWang, X; Jia, H; Zheng, WT; Chen, Y; Feng, S2009129
Ontology-Based Intelligent Agents in Workplace E-LearningWang, M; Jia, H; Ran, W; Sugumaran, V; Liao, J200993
Synthesis and characteristics of nanocrystalline Co/N thin film containing Co4N phaseJia, H; Wang, X; Zheng, W; Chen, Y; Feng, S2008124
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