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Torsional strength and toughness of nickel-titanium rotary filesYum, J; Cheung, GSP; Park, JK; Hur, B; Kim, HC201193
Dynamic torsional resistance of nickel-titanium rotary instrumentsPark, SY; Cheung, GSP; Yum, J; Hur, B; Park, JK; Kim, HC2010171
Cyclic Fatigue and Fracture Characteristics of Ground and Twisted Nickel-Titanium Rotary FilesKim, HC; Yum, J; Hur, B; Cheung, GSP2010127
Stress distribution of three NiTi rotary files under bending and torsional conditions using a mathematic analysisKim, TO; Cheung, GSP; Lee, JM; Kim, BM; Hur, B; Kim, HC2009131
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