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Changes in sea level, salinity and wetland habitat linked to the late agricultural development in the Pearl River delta plain of ChinaZong, Y; Zheng, Z; Huang, K; SUN, Y; WANG, N; TANG, M; Huang, G201333
Molecular characterization of prolactin receptor (cPRLR) gene in chickens: gene structure, tissue expression, promoter analysis, and its interaction with chicken prolactin (cPRL) and prolactin-like protein (cPRL-L)Bu, G; Wang, Y; Cai, G; Leung, FCC; Xu, M; Wang, H; Huang, G; Wang, Y201329
A novel approach to predict subjective pain perception from single-trial laser-evoked potentialsHuang, G; Xiao, P; Hung, YS; Iannetti, GD; Zhang, Z; Hu, L201332
A new approach for single-trial detection of laser-evoked potentials and its application to pain predictionHuang, G; Xiao, P; Hu, L; Hung, YS; Zhang, Z201356
Circulating lipocalin-2 and retinol-binding protein 4 are associated with intima-media thickness and subclinical atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 diabetes.Xiao, Y; Xu, A; Hui, X; Zhou, P; Li, X; Zhong, H; Tang, W; Huang, G; Zhou, Z201329
Spatio-spectral filters for low-density surface electromyographic signal classificationHuang, G; Zhang, Z; Zhang, DG; Zhu, XY201321
Single-trial laser-evoked potentials feature extraction for prediction of pain perceptionHuang, G; Xiao, P; Hu, L; Hung, YS; Zhang, Z201325
Single-trial detection of visual evoked potentials by common spatial patterns and wavelet filtering for brain-computer interfaceTu, Y; Huang, G; Hung, YS; Hu, L; Hu, Y; Zhang, Z201344
The role of sea-level rise, monsoonal discharge and the palaeo-landscape in the early Holocene evolution of the Pearl River delta, southern ChinaZong, Y; Huang, K; Yu, F; Zheng, Z; Switzer, AD; Huang, G; Wang, N; Tang, M2012174
The effect of strontium incorporation into hydroxyapatites on their physical and biological propertiesNi, GX; Shu, B; Huang, G; Lu, WW; Pan, HB201294
Identification of the receptors for prolactin-releasing peptide (PrRP) and Carassius RFamide peptide (C-RFa) in chickensWang, Y; Wang, CY; Wu, Y; Huang, G; Li, J; Leung, FC2012133
Characterization of chicken secretin (SCT) and secretin receptor (SCTR) genes: A novel secretin-like peptide (SCT-LP) and secretin encoded in a single geneWang, Y; Huang, G; Li, J; Meng, F; He, X; Leung, FC2012173
Mid-Holocene variability of the East Asian monsoon based on bulk organic δ13C and C/N records from the Pearl River estuary, southern ChinaYu, F; Zong, Y; Lloyd, JM; Leng, MJ; Switzer, AD; Yim, WWS; Huang, G2012118
Activated oncogenic pathways and therapeutic targets in extranodal nasal-type NK/T cell lymphoma revealed by gene expression profilingNg, SB; Selvarajan, V; Huang, G; Zhou, J; Feldman, AL; Law, M; Kwong, YL; Shimizu, N; Kagami, Y; Aozasa, K; SaltoTellez, M; Chng, WJ2011119
Dysregulated microRNAs affect pathways and targets of biologic relevance in nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphomaNg, SB; Yan, J; Huang, G; Selvarajan, V; Tay, JLS; Lin, B; Bi, C; Tan, J; Kwong, YL; Shimizu, N; Aozasa, K; Chng, WJ201183
Burial of organic carbon in Holocene sediments of the Zhujiang (Pearl River) and Changjiang (Yangtze River) estuariesYang, S; Tang, M; Yim, WWS; Zong, Y; Huang, G; Switzer, AD; Saito, Y2011158
Heterogeneity of altered cytokine levels across the clinical spectrum of diabetes in ChinaXiang, Y; Zhou, P; Li, X; Huang, G; Liu, Z; Xu, A; Leslie, RD; Zhou, Z2011209
Stress evolution in a phase-separating polymeric gelZhou, J; Huang, G; Li, M; Soh, AK201075
Biodiesel production by microalgal biotechnologyHuang, G; Chen, F; Wei, D; Zhang, X; Chen, G2010137
Diatoms from the Pearl River estuary, China and their suitability as water salinity indicators for coastal environmentsZong, Y; Kemp, AC; Yu, F; Lloyd, JM; Huang, G; Yim, WWS2010148
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