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Comparison of magnetic-geared permanent-magnet machinesLi, X; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Hua, W201331
An improved coaxial magnetic gear using flux focusingLi, X; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Hua, W; Du, Y2011131
Design and analysis of linear stator permanent magnet vernier machinesDu, Y; Chau, KT; Cheng, M; Fan, Y; Wang, Y; Hua, W; Wang, Z2011133
Stator-flux-oriented fault-tolerant control of flux-switching permanent-magnet motorsZhao, W; Cheng, M; Chau, KT; Hua, W; Jia, H; Ji, J; Li, W2011161
Analysis and optimization of split ratio for double-stator permanent magnet brushless machineWang, Y; Cheng, M; Hua, W; Chau, KT201083
A new modular flux-switching permanent-magnet machine using fault-tolerant teethZhao, W; Cheng, M; Chau, KT; Ji, J; Hua, W; Cao, R201099
Optimal design of a double-stator permanent magnet brushless machine with series magnetic circuitWang, Y; Cheng, M; Fan, Y; Sun, X; Hua, W; Chau, KT201082
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