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Adverse drug reactions in children international surveillance and evaluation (ADVISE): A multicentre cohort studyRashed, AN; Wong, ICK; Cranswick, N; Hefele, B; Tomlin, S; Jackman, J; Lee, K; Hon, KLE; Ong, J; Ghaleb, M; Chua, SS; Hui, TM; Rascher, W; Neubert, A201285
Emerging, novel, and known influenza virus infections in humansTang, JW; Shetty, N; Lam, TTY; Hon, KLE201050
Severe congenital myasthenia gravis of the presynaptic type with choline acetyltransferase mutation in a Chinese infant with respiratory failureYeung, WL; Lam, CW; Fung, LWE; Hon, KLE; Ng, PC2009133
Serial Analysis of the Plasma Concentration of SARS Coronavirus RNA in Pediatric Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory SyndromeNg, EKO; Ng, PC; Hon, KLE; Cheng, WTF; Hung, ECW; Chan, KCA; Chiu, RWK; Li, AM; Poon, LLM; Hui, DS; Tam, JS; Fok, TF; Lo, YMD2003119
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