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Evaluation of in vitro cross-reactivity to avian H5N1 and pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza following prime boost regimens of seasonal influenza vaccination in healthy human subjects: A randomised trialBethell, D; Saunders, D; Jongkaewwattana, A; Kramyu, J; Thitithayanont, A; Wiboon-ut, S; Yongvanitchit, K; Limsalakpetch, A; Kum-Arb, U; Uthaimongkol, N; Garcia, JC; Timmermans, AE; Peiris, JSM; Thomas, S; Engering, A; Jarman, RG; Mongkolsirichaikul, D; Mason, C; Khemnu, N; Tyner, SD; Fukuda, MM; Walsh, DS; Pichyangkul, S201323
Investigating the interaction between influenza and sialic acid : making and breaking the linkNicholls, JM; Lai, JCC; Garcia, JC2012109
Global Is Not Enough: Universal Biosafety. Can It Be the Next New Culture?Garcia, JC201252
“Pseudotyped Lentiviral Particles: a “Swiss Army Knife” for Influenza Research”,Garcia, JC; Lai, JCC; Buchy, P; Cavailler, P; De Jong, M; Peiris, JSM201148
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