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Investigation of the binding and cleavage characteristics of N1 neuraminidases from avian, seasonal, and pandemic influenza viruses using saturation transfer difference nuclear magnetic resonance
Influenza and other respiratory viruses
Garcia, JC; Lai, JCC; Haselhorst, T; Choy, KT; Yen, H; Peiris, JSM; Itzstein, MV; Nicholls, JM201434
Evaluation of in vitro cross-reactivity to avian H5N1 and pandemic H1N1 2009 influenza following prime boost regimens of seasonal influenza vaccination in healthy human subjects: A randomised trial
PLoS One
Bethell, D; Saunders, D; Jongkaewwattana, A; Kramyu, J; Thitithayanont, A; Wiboon-ut, S; Yongvanitchit, K; Limsalakpetch, A; Kum-Arb, U; Uthaimongkol, N; Garcia, JC; Timmermans, AE; Peiris, JSM; Thomas, S; Engering, A; Jarman, RG; Mongkolsirichaikul, D; Mason, C; Khemnu, N; Tyner, SD; Fukuda, MM; Walsh, DS; Pichyangkul, S201384
Investigating the interaction between influenza and sialic acid : making and breaking the link
Influenza virus sialidase : a drug discovery target
Nicholls, JM; Lai, JCC; Garcia, JC2012168
Global Is Not Enough: Universal Biosafety. Can It Be the Next New Culture?
Garcia, JC2012108
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