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Differential effects of central ghrelin on fatty acid metabolism in hypothalamic ventral medial and arcuate nucleiGao, S; Casals, N; Keung, W; Moran, TH; Lopaschuk, GD20137
Linear subspace learning based on a learned discriminative dictionary for sparse codingGao, S; Yu, Y; Cheng, Y201339
Quantitative comparison and analysis of magnetless machines with reluctance topologiesLee, CHT; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Wu, D; Gao, S201329
Molecular MRI of liver fibrosis by a peptide-targeted contrast agent in an experimental mouse modelChow, AMK; Gao, S; Fan, S; Cheung, SW; Qiao, Z; Man, K; Wu, EX201334
A miniaturised butler matrix based on patch hybrid couplers with cross slotsLi, Y; Liu, Q; Sun, S; Gao, S201326
Design and implementation of ultra-wideband bandpass filter with non-equiripple responsesSun, S; Gao, S201325
Analysis of tooth-tip flux leakage in surface-mounted permanent magnet linear vernier machinesLi, W; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Gao, S; Wu, D201323
Important role of ventromedial hypothalamic carnitine palmitoyltransferase-1a in the control of food intakeGao, S; Serra, D; Keung, W; Hegardt, FG; Lopaschuk, GD20137
A novel wideband bandpass power divider with harmonic-suppressed ring resonatorGao, S; Sun, S; Xiao, S201339
Dual-band dual-ring bandpass filter with large bandwidth ratioTo, C; Gao, S; Sun, S201225
Weak ferromagnetism in chiral diamond-like neutral networks: Mn(2-pymS)2 and Co(2-pymS)2 (2-pymSH = 2-mercaptopyrimidine)Zhang, J; Gao, S; Zhang, XX; Wang, ZM; Che, CM2012159
Bi-level control scheme for vehicle-to-grid regulation serviceGao, S; Chan, CC; Chau, KT; Wu, D201295
Supramolecular Self-Assembly of 1D and 3D Heterometallic Coordination Polymers with Triruthenium Building BlocksChan, LF; Gao, S; Chui, SY; Shek, L; Huang, JS; Che, CM201229
SMES control for power grid integrating renewable generation and electric vehiclesGao, S; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Wu, D; Li, J201277
Genetic algorithm based cost-emission optimization of unit commitment integrating with gridable vehiclesWu, D; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Gao, S201287
Transient stability analysis of SMES for smart grid with vehicle-to-grid operationWu, D; Chau, KT; Liu, C; Gao, S; Li, F2012111
Modelling, evaluation and optimization of vehicle-to-grid operationGao, S; Chau, KT; Chan, CC; Wu, D2011126
Malonyl-CoA mediates leptin hypothalamic control of feeding independent of inhibition of CPT-1aGao, S; Keung, W; Serra, D; Wang, W; Carrasco, P; Casals, N; Hegardt, FG; Moran, TH; Lopaschuk, GD20115
Stationary and mobile battery energy storage systems for smart gridsWong, YS; Lai, LL; Gao, S; Chau, KT2011165
Cost-emission analysis of vehicle-to-grid systemWu, D; Chau, KT; Gao, S2011136
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