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Biomechanical comparative study of the JuggerKnot™ soft anchor technique with other common mallet finger fracture fixation techniquesCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY201344
Ten-year results using dynamic treatment for proximal phalangeal fractures of the handFok, MWM; Ip, WY; Fung, BKK; Chan, RK; Chow, SP201321
Peak load resistance of the JuggerKnot™ soft anchor technique compared with other common fixation techniques for large mallet finger fracturesCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY201318
Another light in the dark: review of new method for the arthroscopic repair of triangular fibrocartilage complexTang, CYK; Fung, BKK; Chan, R; Lung, CP201259
Epidemiology of occupational hand injury in Hong KongGarg, R; Cheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY2012124
Metachronous Mycobacterium Terrae Complex Tensxynovitis of the Hand- A case report and review of literatureOmoruyi, JO; Ip, WY; Fung, BKK201242
Hand infections in diabetic patientsJalil, A; Barlaan, PIG; Fung, BKK; Ip, JWY201161
166 cases of Mycobaterium Marinum Tenosynovitis of the Hand and Wrist: Clinical Features. Management and ResultsCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Wong, SSY; Ip, WY2011108
Lateral tibial condyle reconstruction by pedicled vascularized fibular head graft: Long-term resultAhmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP201186
The last defence? Surgical aspects of gouty arthritis of hand and wristTang, CKY; Fung, BKK201152
The development of a strength-focused mutual support group for caretakers of children with cerebral palsyFung, BKK; Ho, SMY; Fung, ASM; Leung, EYP; Chow, SP; Ip, WY; Ha, KWY; Barlaan, PIG2011163
Multiple triggering in a girl with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome: Case reportCheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Mak, KC; Leung, KH201092
Mycobacterium marinum infection of the deep structures of the hand and wrist: 25 years of experience.Cheung, JPY; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY201091
Role Of Occupational Therapist In Rehabilitation Of Rheumatoid WristLi, T; Leung, G; Chan, R; Cheung, N; Ahmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP2008123
Evaluation of deformity and hand function in cerebral palsy patientsLaw, K; Lee, EY; Fung, BKK; Yan, LS; Gudushauri, P; Wang, KW; Ip, JWY; Chow, SP2008219
Treatment Of Phalangeal And Metacarpal Fractures: A ReviewIp, WY; Fung, BKK; Wong, HK; Lam, CY; Wong, KY2008151
Sensate flap for bed sores: Between dream and reality: A cadaver dissection studyGarg, R; Amer, T; Ahmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP2008107
Surgical Management of Radial Head Dislocation in Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy- a 5 year Follow upGarg, R; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY20086
Unicompartmental Knee Hemiarthroplasty Using Vascularized Fibula Transfer - 25 Years Follow UpAhmed, SK; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP2008116
Synovectomy Around the Wrist - Rewarding Alternate To Preserve Joint Integrity In Rheumatoid PatientsAhmed, SK; Li, T; Leung, G; Fung, BKK; Ip, WY; Chow, SP200894
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