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Conversation, Xu Weiguo, Xu Feng and Gao Yan Urban China Research, 2009 dotA And Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute > Kaili Ethnic Cultural Compound, Kaili, Guizhou, China Parametric Pearl River Delta, 2009 Serial Systems:Remodeling Hong Kong Housing, Venice Biennale 2010 dotA and Ocean CN > Yan Jiao Hua Run 4D City, Hebei Province, China Liantang Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point Passenger Terminal Building, Hong Kong SAR/ Shenzhen, China Counterpart Cities: Futureport, Hong Kong SAR, Shenzhen, ChinaGao, Y; XU, W G; XU, F; Duo, N; Cho, S; Robbins, F; Lange, CJ; Crolla, KHCGJ201373
Double Helix Observation TowerGao, Y; Chang, Q; Duo, N2011175
dotAGao, Y; Duo, N201186
From creative to synthetic computational design 社會文化的運算化詮釋Gao, Y; Duo, N2010120
Hong Kong boundary crossing facility project - Published international design competition entryGao, Y; Verebes, TR; Chaugule, R; Denes, M; Nanukuttan, S; Duo, N; Verma, P; Chang, Q2010192
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