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High-resolution mapping of the physical conditions in two nearby active galaxies based on 12CO(1-0), (2-1), and (3-2) linesBoone, F; GarcíaBurillo, S; Combes, F; Lim, J; Ho, P; Baker, AJ; Matsushita, S; Krips, M; Dinh, VT; Schinnerer, E2010147
TANGO I: Interstellar medium in nearby radio galaxiesOcaña Flaquer, B; Leon, S; Combes, F; Lim, J2010152
Molecular gas in nearby elliptical radio galaxiesFlaquer, BO; Leon, S; Lim, J; Combes, F; DinhVTrung200845
Fueling the central engine of radio galaxies I. the molecular/dusty disk of 4C 31.04GarcíaBurillo, S; Combes, F; Neri, R; Fuente, A; Usero, A; Leon, S; Lim, J200761
Molecular gas in the powerful radio galaxies 3C 31 and 3C 264: Major or minor mergers?Lim, J; Leon, S; Combes, F; DinhVTrung200076
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