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Induced self-assembly and Förster resonance energy transfer studies of alkynylplatinum(II) terpyridine complex through interaction with water-soluble poly(phenylene ethynylene sulfonate) and the proof-of-principle demonstration of this two-component ensemble for selective label-free detection of human serum albumin (HSA)
19th Symposium on Chemistry Postgraduate Research in Hong Kong
Chung, YSC; Yam, VWW201272
Proof-of-Principle Concept for Label-Free Detection of Glucose and α-Glucosidase Activity Through the Electrostatic Assembly of Alkynylplatinum(II) Terpyridyl Complexes
The 18th Symposium on Chemistry Postgraduate Research in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, P.R. China, April 30, 2011
Chung, YSC; Chan, HY; Yam, VWW2011139
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