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Forced convective heat transfer over ribs at various separationLiu, CH; Chung, TNH2012158
Large-eddy simulation of flows and pollutant removal in street canyons of different aspect ratiosChung, TNH; Liu, CH201187
On the NOx-O3 plume transport over two-dimensional idealized urban street canyonsLiu, CH; Chung, TNH201176
Large-eddy simulation of reactive pollutant dispersion for the spatial instability of photostationary state over idealized 2D urban street canyonsChung, TNH; Liu, CH201187
Ventilation and pollutant removal performance in street canyons of different aspect ratios: an LES solutionChung, TNH; Liu, CH2011108
Favorable street canyon aspect ratios for pollutant removal: a large-eddy simulation approachChung, TNH; Liu, CH201177
Large-eddy simulation and k-ε turbulence modeling of pollutant transfer coefficient for street canyon of different aspect ratiosChung, TNH; Liu, CH2010139
On the mechanisms of pollutant removal from urban street canyons: a large-eddy simulation approachLiu, CH; Cheng, WC; Chung, TNH; Wong, CCC2010174
Pollutant transfer coefficient in different flow regimes using large-eddy simulationChung, TNH; Liu, CH2010120
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