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Detection of CD44+ cancer initiating cells in pleural effusion of a liver cancer patientChow, AKM; Poon, RTP; Ng, R; Chiu, L; Chan, S; Pang, RWC2011121
Identification and Characterization of Cancer Initiating Cells in Pleural Effusions of Liver Cancer Patients.Chow, AK; Poon, RTP; Ng, L; Chiu, L; Cheng, D; Ng, RL; Pang, RWC2010324
Remote sensing and GIS for regional environmental applicationsKafatos, M; El-Askary, H; Chiu, L; Gomez, R; Hegazy, M; Kinser, J; Liu, X; Liu, Y; Liu, Z; McManus, J; Nie, Y; Qu, J; Salem, F; Sarkar, S; Shen, S; Taylor, G; Wolf, H; Wong, D; Yang, C; Yang, K-S; Yang, R200234
Child neurology and developmental paediatrics in Hong Kong: The Hong Kong Society of Child Neurology and Developmental PaediatricsWong, VCN; Chan, CW; Mak, R; Chan, KY; Chiu, L; Lam, C; Lau, WH; Yeung, CM199665
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