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Effectiveness of precautions against droplets and contact in prevention of nosocomial transmission of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)Seto, WH; Tsang, D; Yung, RWH; Ching, TY; Ng, TK; Ho, M; Ho, LM; Peiris, JSM2003154
Curbing inappropriate vancomycin usage by immediate concurrent feedbackKumana, CR; Kou, M; Ching, TY; Kong, Y; Ma, E; Lee, RA; Cheng, CC; Chiu, SSS; Seto, WH200182
Implementing guidelines for the prescribing of vancomycin and teicoplaninKumana, CR; Kou, M; Ching, TY; Kong, Y; Ma, E; Chiu, SS; Lee, RA; Cheng, CC; Seto, WH2000204
Successful strategies for the control of antibiotic useKumana, CR; Ching, TY; Kou, M; Kong, Y; Ma, E; Chiu, SS; Chu, KM; Seto, WH199988
Antiulcer drug prescribing in hospital successfully influenced by 'immediate concurrent feedback'Kumana, CR; Ching, TY; Cheung, E; Kong, Y; Kou, M; Chan, CK; Chu, KM; Seto, WH; Lam, SK1998125
'Immediate concurrent feedback' as a means of influencing hospital use of anti-ulcer drugsKumana, CR; Ching, TY; Cheung, E; Yuen, M; Chan, CK; Chu, KM; Seto, WH; Lam, SK199784
An outbreak of Candida tropicalis peritonitis in patients on intermittent peritoneal dialysisYuen, KY; Seto, WH; Ching, TY; Cheung, WC; Kwok, Y; Chu, YB199261
The enhancement of infection control in-service education by ward opinion leadersSeto, WH; Ching, TY; Yuen, KY; Chu, YB; Seto, WL199152
Brief report: the utilization of influencing tactics for the implementation of infection control policies.Seto, WH; Ong, SG; Ching, TY; Ng, SH; Chu, YB; Yung, WH; Ho, LM1990162
Evaluating the sterility of disposable wall oxygen humidifiers, during and between use on patients.Seto, WH; Ching, TY; Yuen, KY; Lam, WK1990257
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