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Recent progress of copper and nickel chaperonesYANG, X; Xu, D; Cheng, T; Xi, Z; Zhao, L; Liu, Y; Sun, H201352
Interaction of SlyD with HypB of Helicobacter pylori facilitates nickel traffickingCheng, T; Li, H; Yang, X; Xia, W; Sun, H201347
Identification of metal-associated proteins in cells by using continuous-flow gel electrophoresis and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryHu, L; Cheng, T; He, B; Li, L; Wang, Y; Lai, YT; Jiang, G; Sun, H201350
Interactions of SlyD with HypB and UreE of helicobacter pylori Reveals a "cross-talk" between [NiFe] hydrogenase and UreaseCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Yang, X; Sun, H201228
Structural and functional relationships of metallochaperones in microorganismsSun, H; Li, H; Xia, W; Cheng, T201264
Characterization of HypA-UreE complexYang, X; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Li, H; Sun, H201227
Fluorescent labelling of histidine-rich and metal-binding proteins in cellsLai, AYT; Hu, L; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201227
Use of single implant to retain mandibular overdenture: A preliminary clinical trial of 13 casesCheng, T; Ma, L; Liu, X; Sun, GF; He, XJ; Huo, JY; Wang, YN201277
Seeing is believing; tracking metalloproteins by fluorescent probe in vivo and in vitroLai, YT; Hu, L; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201292
Multifaceted SlyD from Helicobacter pylori: implication in [NiFe] hydrogenase maturationCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H2012213
Addition of cetuximab to oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy on liver and spleen size and thrombocytopenia in patients with metastatic colorectal cancerLee, V; Fang, WJ; Lam, KO; Choi, CW; Ng, S; Ho, G; Cheng, T; Liu, RKY; Leung, TW; Kwong, DLW; Zheng, SS2012119
Mining Histidine-rich Protein/Motifs in Microbes: Implication for Metal HomeostasisSun, H; Xia, W; Cheng, T; Li, H201154
Structural and Functional Characterization of SlyD from Helicobacter Pylori: Implication in [NiFe] Hydrogenease MaturationLi, H; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201149
Effects of metal binding on histidine-rich bacterioferritin-associated Ferredoxin (BFD)-like [2Fe-2S] protein from Rhodopseudomonas palustrisHuang, F; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201122
Insight into the Structural and Functional Aspects of the Multifaceted SlyD in Helicobacter pyloriCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H201148
Lighting up histidine-rich proteins by a bifunctional fluorescent probeLai, YT; Xia, W; Cheng, T; Sun, H2010105
The Utility of 19F-Fluoride PET/CT for the detection of skull base involvement in nasopharyngeal carcinomaLau, YC; Ho, CL; Leung, YL; Cheng, T; Yeung, WD; Anthony, M; Khong, PL201087
Security of payment for Hong Kong construction industryCheng, T; Soo, G; Kumaraswamy, M; Jin, W2010414
Structure and function study of SlyD in helicobacter pyloriCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H2010116
Structure and Function of SlyD in Helicobacter PyloriCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H2009256
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