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An update on the epidemiology of childhood diabetes in Hong KongHuen, KF; Low, LCK; Cheung, PT; Wong, GWK; But, WM; Kwan, EYW; Lam, YY; Lee, CY; Wong, LM; Ng, KL; Cheng, AWF; Tong, CT; Wong, WHS2009287
Novel mutation, c.1234delA, in the DAX1 gene in congenital adrenal hypoplasiaLam, CW; Cheng, AWF; Poon, WT; Yuen, YP; Huen, KF200657
Novel donor splice site mutation of ABCG5 gene in sitosterolemiaLam, CW; Cheng, AWF; Tong, SF; Chan, YW200272
DNA-based diagnosis of isolated sulfite oxidase deficiency by denaturing high-performance liquid chromatographyLam, CW; Li, CK; Lai, CK; Tong, SF; Chan, KY; Ng, GSF; Yuen, YP; Cheng, AWF; Chan, YW200268
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