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Insight into biological apatite: physiochemical properties and preparation approachesLiu, Q; Huang, S; Matinlinna, JP; Chen, ZF; Pan, HB201333
Transcriptomic Analysis of Neuropeptides and Peptide Hormones in the Barnacle Balanus amphitrite: Evidence of Roles in Larval SettlementYan, XC; Chen, ZF; Sun, J; Matsumura, K; Wu, RSS; Qian, PY201283
The mandarin Chinese shortened version of Oral Health Impact Profile for partially edentate patients with implant-supported prosthesesLiu, JY; Pow, EHN; Chen, ZF; Zheng, J; Zhang, XC; Chen, J2012124
Solubility of sparingly-soluble electrolytes-a new approachPan, HB; Chen, ZF; Darvell, BW2010130
A technique for the fabrication of an immediate implant-supported provisional restoration using a fractured natural toothChen, ZF; Pow, EHN2008122
Hydroxyapatite solubility in simple inorganic solutions using solid titrationChen, ZF; Darvell, BW; Leung, VWH2003111
An unprecedented six-fold anion-type chiral diamondoid-like eight-coordinate Cd(II) coordination polymer with a second-order nonlinear optical effectChen, ZF; Xiong, RG; Abrahams, BF; You, XZ; Che, CM200173
In situ ligand synthesis and the first crystallographically characterized lanthanide 3-D pillared networks containing benzene-1,4-disulfonate as a building blockXiong, RG; Zhang, J; Chen, ZF; You, XZ; Che, CM; Fun, HK2001125
The first chiral 2-D molecular triangular gridChen, ZF; Xiong, RG; Zhang, J; Zuo, JL; You, XZ; Che, CM; Fun, HK200099
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