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Construction manpower demand forecasting: a comparative study of univariate time series, multiple regression and econometric modelling techniquesWong, JMW; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH2011223
An empirical survey of the motives and benefits of adopting guaranteed maximum price and target cost contracts in constructionChan, DWM; Chan, APC; Lam, PTI; Wong, JMW2011375
Guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contracts in practice: a case study of a private office development project in Hong KongChan, DWM; Lam, PTI; Chan, APC; Wong, JMW2011160
Strategic planning for the sustainable development of the construction industry in Hong KongWong, JMW; Thomas Ng, S; Chan, APC2010345
Identifying the critical success factors for target cost contracts in the construction industryChan, DMW; Chan, APC; Lam, PTI; Wong, JMW2010221
Forecasting construction manpower demand: a time series modelWong, JMW; Ng, TST; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH2009125
Coping with structural change in construction: experiences gained from advanced economiesNg, TST; Fan, RYC; Wong, JMW; Chan, APC; Chiang, YH; Lam, PTI; Kumaraswamy, MM2009136
Sustainable development of Hong Kong’s construction industry – what do we need?Cheung, RTK; Wong, JMW; Ng, TST; Chan, APC2008124
Reducing Construction Fall Accidents in the Maintenance Sector: An Industry-Based Survey from Hong KongChan, APC; Wong, FKW; Chan, DWM; Yam, MCH; Kwok, AWK; Yiu, CY; Chan, EHW; Lam, EWM; Cheung, E2007119
Exploring critical success factors for partnering in construction projectsChan, APC; Chan, DWM; Chiang, YH; Tang, BS; Chan, EHW; Ho, KSK2004256
Process improvement for constructionChan, APC; Young, AMC; Chan, FTS; Tam, CM199776
Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) in manufacturing - a case studyChan, FTS; Chan, APC; Young, AMC1997135
Graphical simulation as a decision support tool for construction managementChan, FTS; Chan, APC1996100
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