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Structural basis of immune evasion at the site of CD4 attachment on HIV-1 gp120Chen, L; Do Kwon, Y; Zhou, T; Wu, X; O'Dell, S; Cavacini, L; Hessell, AJ; Pancera, M; Tang, M; Xu, L; Yang, ZY; Zhang, MY; Arthos, J; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Nabel, GJ; Posner, MR; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Mascola, JR; Kwong, PD2009371
Structural definition of a conserved neutralization epitope on HIV-1 gp120Zhou, T; Xu, L; Dey, B; Hessell, AJ; Van Ryk, D; Xiang, SH; Yang, X; Zhang, MY; Zwick, MB; Arthos, J; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Nabel, GJ; Kwong, PD200799
Crystal Structure of the Broadly Cross-Reactive HIV-1-Neutralizing Fab X5 and Fine Mapping of Its EpitopeDarbha, R; Phogat, S; Labrijn, AF; Shu, Y; Gu, Y; Andrykovitch, M; Zhang, MY; Pantophlet, R; Martin, L; Vita, C; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Ji, X200487
Identification and characterization of a new cross-reactive human immunodeficiency virus type 1-neutralizing human monoclonal antibodyZhang, MY; Xiao, X; Sidorov, IA; Choudhry, V; Cham, F; Zhang, PF; Bouma, P; Zwick, M; Choudhary, A; Montefiori, DC; Broder, CC; Burton, DR; Quinnan Jr, GV; Dimitrov, DS200489
Broadly cross-reactive HIV-1-neutralizing human monoclonal Fab selected for binding to gp120-CD4-CCR5 complexesMoulard, M; Phogat, SK; Shu, Y; Labrijn, AF; Xiao, D; Binley, JM; Zhang, MY; Sidorov, IA; Broder, CC; Robinson, J; Parren, PWHI; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS200292
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