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Is there common etiology in children’s development of various cognitive skills?
The SRCD Biennial Meeting, Seattle
Chow, BWY; Ho, CSH; Wong, SWL; Waye, MMY; Bishop, D201347
Strontium- and magnesium-enriched biomimetic β-TCP macrospheres with potential for bone tissue morphogenesis.
J. Tissue Eng. Regen. Med.
Chou, J; Valenzuela, SM; Santos, J; Bishop, D; Milthorpe, B; Green, DW; Otsuka, M; Ben-Nissan, B201244
Do genetic factors contribute to individual differences in children's communicative ability and its links with reading skill?
International Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
Chow, BWY; Ho, CSH; Wong, SWL; Waye, MMY; Bishop, D2011143
A twin study of speech perception and production in L1 and L2 among Chinese children learning English as a second languageWong, WL; Bishop, D; Ho, CSH2009174
A twin study of reading in Chinese children learning English as a second language
Annual Meeting of the Society for the Scientific Study of Reading
Wong, SWL; Bishop, D; Ho, C2009182
Expert-novice differences in neural activation during a badminton anticipatory task.Bishop, D; Wright, MJ; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, AB2008117
Perceptual skills in badminton: fMRI indicates differences in brain activation between expert and novice playersWright, M; Bishop, D; Jackson, RC; Abernethy, AB2008149
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