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Single step emulsification for the generation of multi-component double emulsionsAdams, LLA; Kodger, TE; Kim, SH; Shum, HC; Franke, T; Weitz, DA201228
Monodisperse gas-filled microparticles from reactions in double emulsionsDuncanson, WJ; Abbaspourrad, A; Shum, HC; Kim, SH; Adams, LLA; Weitz, DA201294
Microfluidic generation of multifunctional quantum dot barcode particlesZhao, Y; Shum, HC; Chen, H; Adams, LLA; Gu, Z; Weitz, DA2011139
Enhanced encapsulation of actives in self-sealing microcapsules by precipitation in capsule shellsZhao, Y; Shum, HC; Adams, LLA; Sun, B; Holtze, C; Gu, Z; Weitz, DA2011117
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