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The ΔF508 mutation causes CFTR misprocessing and cystic fibrosis-like disease in pigs
Science Translational Medicine
Ostedgaard, LS; Meyerholz, DK; Chen, JH; Pezzulo, AA; Karp, PH; Rokhlina, T; Ernst, SE; Hanfland, RA; Reznikov, LR; Ludwig, PS; Rogan, MP; Davis, GJ; Dohrn, CL; WohlfordLenane, C; Taft, PJ; Rector, MV; Hornick, E; Nassar, BS; Samuel, M; Zhang, Y; Richter, SS; Uc, A; Shilyansky, J; Prather, RS; McCray Jr, PB; Zabner, J; Welsh, MJ; Stoltz, DA2011297
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