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OnionLam, ASL201255
Poetic lives: The English experience in AsiaLam, ASL; Tse, YN201259
I took my wind chime for a walkLam, ASL201264
South East Asian Review of LiteratureLam, ASL201254
What then is lifeLam, A201241
Plant a treeLam, A201251
Mirror at the back of my homeLam, A201262
Acts of creative identity: Ten Asian poets writing in EnglishLam, ASL; Tse, KYN201272
A pond in the skyLam, ASL201253
TM011NLam, A201244
Once upon a time; and watching my husband sleepLam, ASL201247
On becoming meLam, ASL201258
Defining Asian poetry in English: Anthologies, communities and identityLam, ASL; Ng, CSP201270
Identity on a virtual literary map: The experience of poets writing in EnglishLam, ASL; Tse, YN201152
Trilingual development of a pair of twins in Hong Kong: implications for the multilingual development of youngchildrenLui, Blanche F.; 呂麗雯.2011247
Race in Asian poetry in English : ethnic, national and cosmopolitan representationsLam, ASL201189
The learning of Chinese orthography and its centrality in learning Chinese as a foreign languageWong, Wei-wah, Claudia.; 黃惠華.2011410
Vocabulary knowledge development of Chinese learners of English in China: a longitudinal multiple-case study ofeight university studentsZheng, Yongyan; 郑咏滟2010440
MuseLam, ASL201079
Vanilla in the starsLam, ASL200984
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